Before year’s end, Qatar Airways took delivery of seven Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners; but with a strange itinerary


On 26 December, Qatar Airways took delivery of its first 4 of 30 Boeing 787-9’s, an order that was announced back in 2016: A7-BHA, A7-BHB, A7-BHD, and A7-BHE departed Boeing’s Everett Factory, United States destination Doha, Qatar.

Less than two days later, the four Dreamliners departed Doha again, destination …. Victorville, United States!

The Qatari airline is on a delivery-spree as – at moment of writing – three other Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners (A7-BHC / A7-BHF / A7-BHG) are heading to Doha, and also back to Victorville?

A twitter user thinks that Boeing wanted the deliveries finalized before year’s end, but the delayed redesigned Qsuite seats were not installed yet.



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