PowdAir, a sports snow airline starting up from winter 2017


Luchtzak.be noticed this airline on social media, PowdAir is an airline that will be based at Sion airport, in the valais region. They are planning a start-up next winter season (2017).

On their website (http://www.powdair.ski) you are invited for an airport request survey so that PowdAir can select the airports they will fly to and from.

We are a new dedicated airline to the winter snow sports market serving Sion Airport and the Valais Region

from December 17

We will be flying 5 days a week

Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday & Monday

No more 2+ hour transfers from Geneva!

Talk to us and let us know what airport you want to fly from.

Some thoughts:

  • Currently no further information about the airline: type of aircraft, …
  • Which operations they are planning outside the winter season is not known.
  • On google luchtzak.be discovered that PowdAir is a registered trademark.


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