British Airways pilots and cabin crew members quarantined in Hong Kong’s Penny’s Bay quarantine facility

A view from a quarantine room shows the Penny’s Bay quarantine centre, built for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, on Hong Kong’s Lantau island, China March 15, 2021. REUTERS/Joel Flynn – RC2MBM9CFXGF

Hong Kong has some of the toughest quarantine rules in the world, anyone identified as a close contact of a known COVID-19 case could end up in the notorious government-run Penny’s Bay quarantine facility. Also for a group of British Airways pilots and cabin crew members which have been imprisoned since Saturday, despite being fully vaccinated and tested negative for the virus. 

Normally, airline staff is requested to stay in confinement inside their hotel rooms before returning home. Netflix and WiFi to the rescue. Several witnesses and crew members who staid in the camp say that the camp is very basic: a spartan uncomfortable bed, three meals per day and no working WiFi.

Stories about detained crews of several other airlines have appeared on social media, groups of volunteers and colleagues gathered to provide a daily “resilience delivery” service to give the crew members food, comfort items and support.

Meanwhile, British Airways is working with UK diplomats stationed in the Chinese territory in a desperate effort to secure their release and repatriate them back to Britain but there has so far been little sign of Hong Kong officials bending.

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British Airways Pilots and Cabin Crew Imprisoned in Hong Kong COVID Camp