Philippines Airlines Advisory for Caticlan (Boracay) airport and Kalibo international airport


In anticipation of any government decision to close or cut back tourism activities in Boracay Island for a temporary period, Philippine Airlines will be ready to make the appropriate adjustments to schedules of flights to and from Caticlan (Boracay) airport and Kalibo International Airport. We will be ready to assist passengers in rebooking, refunding and rerouting their flights in such a scenario.

Our adjustments will depend on the scope and duration of the Boracay closure, and we will also take into account the need to retain some flights to serve the residents and businesses in Kalibo and the rest of Aklan province.

We also intend to help minimize any impact on tourism, our passengers and on our airline operations by redirecting flights to other routes where we can continue to promote domestic and international tourist travel for the Philippines, during the temporary closure period.

PAL will make the necessary public advisories to inform and update the flying public, for our passengers and travel partners. We will continue to closely monitor the situation, pending any final government announcements, and coordinate with the Department of Tourism and the other concerned government agencies in support of the efforts to rehabilitate Boracay island.


  1. Is this also part of the april fools day ???
    Can´t imagine Boracay to be closed for tourists – maybe the number of annual tourists could be capped …

    But then – since Duterte´s presidency quite a number of things have changed in the country.
    Maybe this is also one of the improvements.

    But the investors/owners of MPH (Caticlan airport) may not be excited about such a move …


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