Philippine Airlines mitigates impact of Auckland, NZ fuel disruption


As New Zealand airport authorities expedite ongoing repairs on a ruptured aviation fuel supply pipeline, flag carrier Philippine Airlines assures that operations between Cairns and Auckland remain unhampered.
The damaged pipeline has resulted in the temporary rationing of fuel supplies used by all airlines for departures from Auckland airport.

Last Sept. 19 and Sept. 21, PAL A320 planes departing from Auckland (for the AKL-CNS-MNL flight) were loaded up with substantial fuel tonnage for the Auckland – Brisbane journey. Refuelling was carried out in Brisbane before heading for Cairns.

PAL will be implementing twice weekly Manila – Cairns – Auckland operations from the current four times weekly frequency utilising the wide-body 363-seater A330.

Passengers of PR 218 MNL-CNS-AKL Sept. 24 (Sunday) will be accommodated on PR218 Sept. 25 (Monday)
Passengers of PR219 AKL-CNS-MNL Sept. 25 (Monday) will be accommodated on PR219 AKL-CNS-MNL Sept. 26 (Tuesday)
Passengers of PR 218 MNL-CNS-AKL Sept. 27 (Wednesday) will be accommodated on PR218 Sept. 28 (Thursday)
Passengers of PR219 AKL-CNS-MNL Sept. 28 (Thursday) will be accommodated on PR219 AKL-CNS-MNL Sept. 29 (Friday)

Utilizing the A330 will enable PAL to load up at Cairns Airport to cover the Cairns- Auckland-Cairns route.
Passengers that are booked and ticketed on the MNL-CNS v.v.; or MNL-AKL v.v. or CNS-AKL v.v. cancelled flights may be re-protected on the later PR flights with the same route within 30days from the original travel date and within the validity of the ticket. For tickets issued outside of the Philippines but to be reissued in the Philippines, the PH tax must still be assessed and collected, if applicable. Affected passengers have the option to refund the cost of their tickets.

Despite the impact on cost of the aircraft upgrading, PAL opted to carry out such measure to ensure that operations between the two cities continue for the benefit of the flying public.

Auckland Airport continues to work closely with local airline representatives, oil companies and the New Zealand government to ensure a prompt resolution of this fuel disruption.


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