Flight attendant breastfeeds hungry passenger’s baby


Patrisha Organo, a Philippine Airlines Express flight attendant and soon to be cabin crew evaluator breastfed a stranger’s baby on a domestic flight in the Philippines. During her flight, Patrisha heard a baby crying. She approached the mother to ask if everything was fine, but she discovered that the baby was hungry and that the mother didn’t had any formula milk with her. The flight attendant then offered to help and started breastfeeding the baby in the galley.

Patrisha posted the story on Facebook

Yesterday, I was scheduled for a check flight to be qualified as a Cabin Crew Evaluator. I thought that this flight’s gonna be so special as this is a big step on my flying career.

Everything went smoothly until after take off, I heard an infant’s cry, a cry that will make you want to do anything to help. I approached the mother and asked if everything’s okay, I tried to tell her to feed her hungry child. Teary-eyed, she told me that she ran out of formula milk. Passengers started looking and staring at the tiny, fragile crying infant.

I felt a pinch in my heart. There’s no formula milk onboard. I thought to myself, there’s only one thing I could offer and that’s my own milk. And so I offered.

Ms. Sheryl Villaflor, Line Administator on my flight, immediately assisted the mother to the galley where I breastfed the baby. The baby started rooting, she was so hungry.

I saw the relief on her mother’s eyes. I continued to feed the baby until she fell asleep . I escorted her back to her seat and just before I left, the mother sincerely thanked me.

I was right, the flight’s gonna be special, so special not only because I got qualified as an Evaluator but I got to help.

I breastfed a stranger’s baby inflight.

Thank you, Lord for the gift of mother’s milk.

Patrisha Organo
Flight Attendant/Breastfeeding Advocate


Edited baby’s picture for her family’s privacy ❤️

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