A Peruvian Airlines Boeing 737 suffered a main gear collapse during landing at La Paz Airport (Bolivia)


On 22 November, a Peruvian Airlines Boeing 737-500 (OB-2041-P), operating a flight from Lima Airport, Peru to La Paz, Colombia via Cusco, Peru as P9-219 suffered a main gear collapse upon landing at La Paz Airport. Nobody of the 120 passengers and 5 crew members got injured.

An investigation has been launched on the incident. The airline will take care of all affected passengers. “Tomorrow we will send a new aircraft so stranded passengers can make it to their destination, we are taking safety issues very seriously, on domestic as on international flights,” the airline said in statement.

In March 2017, former Virgin Express (Brussels Airlines) Boeing 737 (OO-LTN) veered off the right side of the runway and the right hand wing of the aircraft impacted the perimeter fence. Fuel began leaking from the wing and ignited.

Former OO-LTN (TEA) & OO-VET (Brussels Airlines) Boeing 737s involved in landing mishaps



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