End of the world’s shortest international commercial flights (8 minutes)


An 8 minutes flight between Germany and Switzerland, the shortest international commercial flight of the world, will soon come to an end. The 20 km route between St. Gallen-Altenrhein (ACH) in Switzerland and Friedichshafen (FDH) in Germany was launched in November 2016 by People’s ViennaLine and flies over the Lake Constance (Bodensee) and was heavily criticised by environmentalists.

A weak demand eventually compelled the operator to stop the twice-daily flights operated by one of its two Embraer 170s: it is possible to drive the 65 km between the two cities in less than one hour.

People’s ViennaLine Embraer 170 OE-LMK


  1. I know about that one. But it is a domestic flight, contrarily to the one above.

  2. There was an article in the March issue of Airports International magazine.
    Loganair has again been awarded the Orkney inter-isles air services. They fly Westray (WRY) to Papa Westray (PPW) which is …. 2540 metres threshold to threshold ! This is claimed to be the shortest scheduled flight, on average 47 seconds !
    This with a Britten Norman Islander. I guess when they take the Twotter they add ” Heavy” to their call sign 🙂

  3. I stand corrected as indeed “yours” is international.
    But hey, “mine” is shorter !


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