A first international commercial flight, operated by PIA, landed at Kabul after the return of the Taliban


A Pakistan International Airlines plane carrying a handful of passengers landed at Kabul airport on September 13, 2021.

An international commercial flight, the first since the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan and operated by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) from Islamabad, touched down in Kabul on Monday, 13 September.

The PIA aircraft, which landed around 10:30 local time (06:00 UTC), was carrying only a few people. “There was hardly anyone on board the plane, about ten people, maybe more crew members than passengers“, described an AFP journalist on board this flight from Islamabad.

On Sunday, a spokesperson for the PIA confirmed this first flight to Kabul, specifying, however, that the company was still working to make them regular.

Two charter flights operated by Qatar Airways took off last week with foreign nationals and Afghans on board who could not be evacuated at first.

On September 3, the Afghan public airline Ariana Airlines also announced the resumption of its domestic flights.


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