Oman Air plans flights to Brussels and Düsseldorf from 2017

The European cities of Brussels and Düsseldorf are expected to be incorporated into the growing route network of Oman Air next year, said the Dutch CEO of the airline Paul Gregorowitsch in an interview with Aviation News Magazine.
At present, Oman Air is allowed to fly to a maximum of two destinations in GermanyThe airline, which is headquartered  in the capital of the Sultanate Muscat, currently flies to Frankfurt and Munich. The company negotiates with the German authorities to obtain rights for additional routes, according to Gregorowitsch.

Oman Air requires additional long-haul aircraft to be able to expand. The state company is awaiting a series of Boeing 787s. Two Dreamliners have already been delivered.

In 2017 there will be an end to the subsidies provided by the government to the Gulf airline, said Gregorowitsch.

Oman Air 787 Artwork K65483
Oman Air 787 Artwork