Norwegian flight from Oslo to Reykjavik had to divert to Stavanger due to smoke in cabin


Norwegian flight DY1170 from Oslo to Reykjavik (Boeing 737-800 registered SE-RPF) had to land at Sola Airport in Stavanger when smoke started to develop in an oven. The plane landed safely and no one was injured.

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Stavanger airport director Anette Sigmundstad says that the airport was put on full alert when the message came at 09.55. The emergency services also rushed to the scene

Before the plane landed, the pilot reported that the development of smoke was under control and that there was no need for assistance. It landed normally at 10.22 and parked by the gate,” says Sigmundstad.

The airport director says that she has not received information that anyone on board the plane was injured in the incident and that no open flames have been reported.

Press officer Anna-Lena Nordling at Norwegian clarifies to NTB that there has been no talk of an emergency landing, but a so-called controlled safety landing. A safety landing is made when the safety of the aircraft is not immediately threatened, but to prevent a more serious situation.

Nordling says that the plane then heads for Reykjavik, and that a delay of half an hour has been calculated.

Source: NTB


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