Enough is enough: Pilot unions Parat and NPU must meet at the Norwegian negotiating table immediately


Norwegian will soon experience its seventh day of pilot strike – it’s a state of emergency throughout the whole company. Enough is enough. Over 100,000 passengers have already been affected by the pilot strike. Norwegian Air Norway’s (NAN) management has received all authorizations from the management of the parent company Norwegian Air Shuttle to get the entire company out of the crisis that has been created. The management also has a clear desire to give the pilots in Norway, Sweden and Denmark a real opportunity to personally control their own professional future within the company.

Last night’s attempt to get the negotiations moving, were unsuccessful. Norwegian Air Norway’s negotiators wanted to bring Norway’s national mediator, Nils Dalseide, who was ready to step in. However, NPU and Parat did not want him to attend.

The situation is not the same for the three Scandinavian countries. Norwegian has been contacted by Swedish and Danish pilots who are very clear about not wanting to risk their own workplace as a result of the Norwegian pilots’ claim for contributory pensions. The Danish pilots are already on a Danish contribution scheme, while Swedes also have their own pension scheme.

Norwegian’s goal has always been to reach a solution together with NPU and Parat, but the management will not and cannot let one group of employees take control over the whole group. Therefore, NAN has now given NPU and Parat one last opportunity to come to the negotiating table immediately, where the demands for an agreement with the parent company and commercial control of the company are out.

The countdown begins; the deadline for NPI and Parat is 3 p.m. today.

Press Release  •  Mar 05, 2015 12:57 GMT


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