Norwegian Air cabin crew based at Paris CDG issue strike warning


French union UNAC (Union des Navigants de l’Aviation Civile), representing Norwegian Air cabin crew based at Paris CDG airport, issued a strike warning for 24, 25 and 26 April.

For one year now, our delegates warned the airline about the poor current working conditions and low wages of our cabin crew,” a member of the union said. “Many of our 158 colleagues already left the airline. During the past year, we have shown flexibility and patience. Promises were made to improve the situation but without result. They only got unfilled promises. We urgently ask management to solve the following problems:

  • low wages
  • roster stability
  • insufficient meal allowances
  • mandatory medical examination not carried out”


  1. My bad, I wrongly translated PNC to cockpit crew. I got the official press statement of the union, but only in French. Hence the mistake that has been corrected now.

  2. Just to clarify. The Cabin Crew are not demanding any EXTRA care or unbearable rise in salary. They are striking on subjects such as paid vacation , which is part of any contracts -aviation or not-, to be paid and other legal aspects that the company don’t even meet after a year of raising awareness and many efforts from the crew on those particular subjects. The salary provided is that low, that many of cabin crew can not afford to live with their wage (for food and housing).


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