Norwegian Boeing 737 MAX 8 from Malaga to Stockholm Skavsta diverts to Arlanda


On Sunday morning, 9 June, a Norwegian Boeing 737 MAX 8 (registered LN-FGE) operated flight D85060 between Malaga, Spain and Stockholm Skavsta but was forced to make an emergency landing at Stockholm Arlanda airport.

The captain signaled to Arlanda air traffic control that the aircraft faced a small technical problem and that they would need to land at the airport.

The plane was initially headed to Skavsta but encountered some kind of technical problem, prompting the decision to land at Arlanda instead,” said Peter Wärring, the press officer at Swedish state-owned company Swedavia.

The plane landed at 10:25 AM on Sunday morning.

It was a normal landing, and everything went smoothly,” said Peter Wärring.

Source: Expressen


  1. This is very fishy…..
    Diverting to Arlanda means overflying Skavsta, so it was not the nearest diversion airport suitable for an emergency.
    Also, Skavsta runway 08 is 2,878 metres long, so more than enough. even if issues with braking or flaps etc.
    It sounds more like it was more convenient to divert to ARN, which is where Norwegian have more facilities. This could be preferable for engineering reasons, or just operational reasons, if the aircraft was need to operate the next sector from ARN. Either way, it doesn’t sound like much of an emergency to me….


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