Icelandic airline Niceair filing for bankruptcy


Icelandic airline Niceair will file for bankruptcy, according to Iceland Monitor based on a press release from Niceair’s board of directors.

This press release stated that the company was severely affected by the failure of the HiFly operator, which caused Niceair to no longer have a plane available.

Niceair operated under the HiFly operating licence.

These were in every way uncontrollable reasons. This closure is particularly tragic as there were good grounds and experience had shown that there was a basis for direct international flights through Akureyri,” reads the statement.

The company’s managing director, Þorvaldur Lúðvík Sigurjónsson, mentioned earlier that they are working to find a new aeroplane and the situation might be resolved before summer. Despite positive performance and good prospects, Niceair is unable to fulfil its planned services.

The company had been operating regular flights between North Iceland and Copenhagen and Tenerife with satisfactory capacity.



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