Nearly two dozen charter flights are scheduled for the Catalan separatist demonstration of 7 December in Brussels

On Thursday 7 December, about 20,000 Catalan separatists will demonstrate in Brussels. A communique from the organisation of the event states that: “around half of them will come by car, 4,000 will take the bus and 2,500 will come by plane“.

A list of charter flights that will head to Brussels tomorrow, thanks to the plane spotting team members of our plane spotting forums.

7 December:

0745 GRO TCW A320 OOTCT (VLM Airlines)
0750 BCN CBX B733 YRCBK (Cobrex Trans)
0750 BCN NOS B738 (Neos)
0750 BCN VAW A320 LZMDO (Via Airways)
0755 BCN GWR A320 ECMQH (Gowair)
0755 BCN TVS B738 (Travel Service)
0800 BCN TOM A321 (Thomson)
0805 BCN HAT B734 9HZAZ (Air Horizont)
0810 BCN TVS B738 (Travel Service)
0850 ILD ENT B738 (Enter Air)
0900 ILD TVS B738 (Travel Service)
0915 GRO ENT B738 (Enter Air)
0915 ILD TVS (Travel Service)
0925 BCN ENT B738 (Enter Air)
0950 GRO ENT B738 (Enter Air)

6 December:

1110 ENT B738


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