Nauru Airlines Boeing 737-300 makes emergency landing in Brisbane after engine fire

The Boeing 737-300 from Nauru after safe landing in Brisbane (Instagram picture by Darren Pepe Les)

A Nauru Airlines Boeing 737-300 with 48 people on board has made an emergency landing after flames appeared to shoot from its engine during descent to Brisbane.

Bright flashes lit up the night sky and concerned residents below on Friday.

Amber Windle feared the worst after she was drawn outside her Hillcrest home by the noise. “It sounded like it was going to explode, it was so loud,” she said. “As it got closer I could tell that it was coming out of the plane, so I thought it was missiles because we’re so close to the army barracks as well.”

The aircraft registered VH-PNI was operating flight ON1 from Nauru to Brisbane when an engine stalled and choked.

The aircraft landed safely at Brisbane International Airport and passengers were unharmed.

Nauru Airlines’ CEO Geoff Bowmaker said while the sight may have been frightening, at no point was the plane actually on fire and there was no safety risk.

At approximately 7.30 pm, flight ON1 from Nauru experienced a compressor stall in one engine while descending to land at Brisbane International Airport,’ Mr Bowmaker said.

All other international and domestic flights were delayed from landing until the tarmac was declared safe.

Sources: 9news, Daily Mail


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