Start-up MeerExpress offers flights from the Ruhr area to the German East Frisian Islands

MeerExpress Cessna Caravan © MeerExpress

Between the end of March and the end of September, the new German regional airline MeerExpress operates two daily return flights from Dinslaken in the Ruhr area to Norderney and Juist.

For this purpose, MeerExpress uses a Cessna Caravan turboprop that can accommodate nine passengers.

The flight from Schwarze Heide aerodrome in the vicinity of the German town of Dinslaken to Norderney takes 45 minutes, after which the aircraft continues to Juist.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, only second-home owners, business travellers and day-trippers are currently allowed to fly. Masks are mandatory, while a quick test can be done in advance if desired.


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