Man shot dead at Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport © YVR

A man was shot and killed at Vancouver International Airport on Sunday afternoon, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers confirmed.

The RCMP are still looking for one or more suspects in connection with the events.

According to the RCMP from Richmond, where the airport is located, officers intercepted a fleeing vehicle around the same time and the occupants fired in their direction before fleeing. No policeman was injured.

Ambulances were dispatched to the scene shortly after the shots, said the British Columbia Health Services Authority.

Traffic cones block part of the international and Canadian departure areas. The police set up a perimeter blocking the scene of the crime.

Airport is open and safe

Planes continue to take off and land, but travellers are advised to check flight schedules before travelling. The airport is open to the public and safe, confirms the RCMP.

Airport authorities say the situation outside the terminal is now “under control”.

The safety and security of our employees, our community and our passengers remain our priority. We will cooperate fully to support the investigation,” airport management said in a statement.

Source: Radio Canada


  1. Likely not an attack against the airport or passengers in general but a targeted shooting among gang members operating in the city.

  2. Why is it that a picture of an Air Canada aircraft that veered of the runway/taxiway is used here? There is no link at all with the content of the article!


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