Man arrested by Berlin police for radioing false instructions to aircraft crew


Because of the urgent suspicion of multiple dangerous interference in rail, ship and air traffic, police officers searched an apartment in Köpenick (Berlin) last night. A 32-year-old man is strongly suspected of having made multiple radio contacts with passenger and cargo aircraft, as well as with the helicopter of the State and the Federal Police in the last six months. The man is said to have given flight instructions, which over time seemed more and more professional and thus would have been suitable for causing dangerous flight manoeuvres.

Investigations by special forces of the Federal Police (flight service and technical reconnaissance) and the Federal Network Agency finally led to an apartment in Lindenstrasse last night, where the Berlin police forces met the 32-year-old suspect red-handed and provisionally arrested him.

They found two radios with him that had the appropriate frequencies. The devices were confiscated as evidence. The 32-year-old gave no information. After the police measures were over, he was released. The investigation continues. The cooperation between the authorities involved was smooth and results-oriented.



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