Malindo Air denies forcing candidate flight attendants to strip


In a statement Malindo Air emphasised that it strictly adheres to the implementation and regulations in all its recruitment process, including flight attendants, since its inception, in 2013.

In perspective of an article on Malindo Air’s recruitment process of cabin crew in The Malay Mail newspaper dated 5 April 2017, the airline denies of the allegations upon internal investigations done.

Grooming checks for visible marks are conducted privately by female supervisors in a professional manner and is part of the interviewing process. Herein candidates are briefed ahead and consent from each candidate is required prior proceeding to ensure there is no prominent marks will be visible while wearing the uniform.

The airline reiterates that the standard procedure has been practiced for the past four years, and we have employed more than 700 female cabin crew to date.

Malindo Air public relations and communications director Raja Sa’adi Raja Amrin claimed that:

It is the right of the employer to request potential flight attendants to expose their chests to interviewers. The requirement to remove their tops, but with bras on, was to see if applicants had visible marks due to the material of Malindo’s uniform.

AirAsia pokes fun at Malindo Air:


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