Malaysia Airlines from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur diverts to Alice Springs #MH122


On 18 January Malaysia Airlines flight MH122 from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur diverted to Alice Springs due to a technical fault in one of the aircraft’s engines, the airline announced. The Airbus A330 safely landed at Alice Springs Airport at 5.48 pm. “Safety was not at any time compromised and the commanding captain decided to divert the flight for technical assistance.”

Passengers on board wrote on social media that a “loud, unusual engine noise” was heard an that one of the engines heavily vibrated. The crew decided to divert to Alice Springs, passengers were instructed to adopt the brace position for landing.

Sanjeev Pandey, a passenger on board explains what happened: “Emergency landing at Alice Springs. The scariest part was that once the engine started to make a loud disturbing noise, the flight attendants all seemed nervous n clueless. For around 15 mins, there was no announcement.15 mins were as long as 15 hours!

The airline provided hotel accommodation, meals and transportation. Passengers will be transferred from Alice Springs to Kuala Lumpur on MH148 on 19 January 2018. The airline also assured to reallocate passengers with onward connections on the next available flights to their destination.


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