Luxair reintroduces flights from Saarbrücken to Berlin Tegel


Guess who’s back!

There’s some good news for all Saarbrücken regulars, just in time for the start of the New Year: the route from Berlin to Saarbrücken is now being operated again by Luxair. The connection is not only important for business fliers. On the contrary: the Saarland and its capital city surprisingly have a lot to offer.

The capital city of the Saar

Saarbrücken is often referred to as the „City of Contrasts”. Here, baroque castles meet with cold post-war architecture. Friedrich Joachim Stengel was one of the city planners for Saarbrücken who gave the city its distinctive, baroque face. Some of the most significant buildings include the Ludwigskirche, the Saarbrücker castle and the old town hall. The fountain at St Johanner market was also designed by Stengel. There is always hustle and bustle in the square. In the surrounding houses, you will find numerous, beautiful and inviting cafes and restaurants. And who would have thought: Saarbrücken is a true art city. The Saarländisches Staatstheater (state theatre) boasts four different venues, including the old baroque theatre and the old fire station (Alte Feuerwache). Even the theatres here are spectacles. Whilst the museum displays pre- and early History artefacts from the Stone Age, the city gallery hosts modern art installations.

  • blankLudwigs Church Saarbrucken

Discover more on the outskirts of town

A trip to Saarbrücken simply isn’t complete without a visit to the Völklingen Ironworks. The plant is a testimonial to German industrialisation and is protected as a UNESCO world heritage site. Hikers will enjoy the Saarschleife valley. The highest viewpoint stands 180 metres over the Saar and offers a spectacular view.


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