Luxair maintains an optimised operation of its flights


Luxair guarantees an essential service to connect communities and economic centres and meet the demand for escape.

At the fourth aviation tripartite sectoral meeting, Luxair presented the state of the current situation as well as its forecasts for 2021.

While it is currently still possible to travel, the demand for travel is drastically decreasing. The health measures implemented in almost all of the countries served by Luxair obviously have an impact on customer behaviour, whose cancellations are increasing.

In this context, the airline and the tour operator are redoubling their efforts to offer products and services tailored to the situation and requirements.

Indeed, Luxair notes a significant number of customers expressing their confidence in the measures taken by the entire travel industry. Last week some 300 people still booked vacations with LuxairTours, taking advantage of the ideal time to travel to the Canary Islands. A destination that customers can fully enjoy right now.

In addition, to support the mobility needs of its customers, Luxair maintains an optimised operation of its flights and continues to guarantee the connection of Luxembourg with the rest of European and more distant destinations for the period November-December 2020. Luxair will strengthen its offer for the Christmas period, in particular to Cape Verde, Egypt, Djerba, Austria and Montenegro. Security and flexibility dictate all the strategic decisions taken by Luxair.

Luxair occupying a decisive role in the economy of the Grand Duchy and the Greater Region, this same connectivity will be enhanced next year by the addition of new destinations, of which Usedom (an island in the Baltic Sea), Toulon, La Rochelle and Thessaloniki are already part.

From spring, Luxair will thus connect Luxembourg to more than eighty destinations. An essential service to guarantee the connection of foreign communities in Luxembourg to their country of origin, in particular with Portugal, Spain and Italy, to promote exchanges between the main European economic centres such as London, Geneva, Berlin, Paris and Milan, as well as responding to the demand for escape, which persists despite the situation.

Luxembourg, November 9, 2020


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