Luxair Luxembourg Airlines will operate the route from Saarbrücken to BerlinTegel


The partnership between Saarbrücken Airport and Luxair Luxembourg Airlines makes it possible to sustain the link between the Greater Region and the German capital

Luxair Bombardier CRJ700 leased from Adria Airways

Saarbrücken Airport and Luxair Luxembourg Airlines have signed an agreement for the operation of the Saarbrücken (SCN) – Berlin-Tegel (TXL) route for a period of five years.

The contract provides for 18 weekly rotations to the German capital and Luxair will station a Bombardier CRJ700 type aircraft at the Saarbrücken airport for this purpose. This aircraft will be leased from Adria Airways.

The agreement was presented to the press on 23 October 2017 by Mr Jürgen Barke, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saarbrücken Airport and Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economy of Saarland, Ms Rita Gindorf-Wagner and Mr. Thomas Schuck, both Directors of SCN, as well as Mr. Adrien Ney, Chairman and CEO of LuxairGroup and Mr. Martin Isler, Executive Vice President Airline.

This agreement will ensure a regular, sustainable and stable link between Saarbrücken and Berlin. Schedules will provide ideal morning, mid-day and evening connections from Monday to Friday. A flight on Saturday morning and two flights on Sunday (around noon and in the evening) will complete the commercial offer that will satisfy both business customers and customers travelling on a private basis.

The flights can already be booked at the entrance fee of 149 €, services and taxes included. The first flight will be operated on January 1, 2018.

Mr. Jürgen Barke, Secretary of State says: “We are looking forward to partnering with Luxair, a well-established airline in the Greater Region, which has been present for many years at Saarbrücken Airport. Luxair has a solid experience in the execution of the Saarbrücken-Berlin route and today demonstrates its wish to increase its commitment in Saarbrücken“. Mr. Barke adds: “We are able to continue to offer this destination from Saarbrücken, a particularly important route for the development of the airport and the economy of the Saar region because we have been active since the first hour “.

Indeed, following the announcement of the cessation of the Saarbrücken-Berlin route with effect from 27 October 2017, the minimum waiting period of approximately two months could be ensured only by the fact that the Saarland Government and the Saarbrücken Airport took immediate action to find a reliable partner for the operation of this route. The airport management points out that in such situations, periods of interruption of at least six months can be considered.

Mr. Adrien Ney, Chairman and CEO of LuxairGroup states: “As an airline in the Greater Region, it is very important for us to provide this strategic link to Berlin in the future“. Luxair is a historical and major partner for Saarbrücken Airport and already offers excellent connections between Saarbrücken and Hamburg with 11 weekly rotations. According to Mr Ney: “The potential of the Saarbrücken-Berlin route will allow us to strengthen our presence at Saarbrücken Airport and contribute to the development of Saarbrücken and the entire region“.

Mr Thomas Schuck, Director of SCN said that, in addition to the promising potential of this proposed link to ideal schedules and served by a modern and reliable aircraft, the economic viability of the project played a decisive role. All economic factors and European legislation have been fully respected.

Mr. Schuck also announces, “In preparation for a difficult first year, we will provide start-up financing assistance. On the basis of a very conservative approach to passenger development, we will be able to achieve a solid financial surplus by 2019.”

With its strict quality requirements and high reliability, Luxair is the ideal partner to support this important axis. In the first phase of implementation, Luxair will lease a CRJ700 jet with a capacity of 70 seats to operate these flights. The flight crew will be German-speaking.

Key elements of the new Luxair route: Saarbrücken – Berlin-Tegel

First flight: January 1, 2018
Opening of reservations: From 23 October 2017 on or from a travel agency
Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ700 with 70 seats leased from Adria Airways

Press release Monday, October 23, 2017


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