[Coronavirus] Luxair reduces flights and sets up exceptional commercial terms and conditions


Luxair has set up exceptional commercial terms and conditions

Free re-booking options on our entire network to make your travel plans more flexible under the exceptional circumstances caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

1. Free re-booking for existing bookings with a travel date between 16th March and 31st March 2020 included

For all existing bookings with a travel date between 16th March and 31st March 2020 included, you are able to rebook your ticket free of charge, regardless of the conditions of the original booking. Your ticket can be rebooked for any new travel date up to 31st December 2020. The destination cannot be changed, if the same booking class is not available, then the fare difference is due.

Important: Due to the huge amount of calls to be handled, we will not be able to accommodate your request via the Callcenter. We kindly invite you to contact us ONLY via our contact form to request the change of your existing bookings in the section « Ticket modification and refund». In case you do not receive an answer before your flight date, don’t worry and be re-insured that we handle your request in accordance with your wishes.

2. Free re-booking for all new bookings from 13th March to 30th April 2020 included

For all new bookings from 13th March until 30th April 2020, you will be able to change your travel dates (without any change fees/re-booking fees) to any later travel date within 365 days of your booking date – regardless of the initial fare purchased (including FlyCLASSIC and FlyPLUS fares). If desired, you can even change your travel dates several times without any change fees.

Detailed Conditions for all new bookings:  

  • The new change policy is valid for the entire flight network of Luxair & LuxairTours (flight only)
  • The departure and destination airports must remain as they are, unchanged
  • If the original fare is no longer available, the fare difference must be paid.
  • The re-booking must be made before the original travel date and by 30th April 2020 at the latest
  • FlyFLEX and FlyBUSINESS tickets can always be changed and also refunded free of charge

If you are booking via our website (luxair.lu), mobile app or our customer service centre, you can change your travel dates simply online via My Booking.  

If you are booking through an offline or online travel agency, please contact your agency and they will take care of this change accordingly.

Reduced flight schedule & flight cancellations 

Due to the exceptional circumstances, Luxair is publishing a reduced flight schedule until April 26, 2020. We are monitoring the situation in real-time and are adapting our flight schedule to be in line with market demand and authority guidelines. We want to avoid by any means possible flying with empty aircraft. The significant amount of passenger no-shows on certain routes makes our planning more difficult.  Further cancellations are to be expected in the upcoming weeks. 

In the event of a flight cancellation: 

1. Luxair will re-book you free of charge and usually automatically on another flight and inform you accordingly. We do our best to re-route to your destination on the same day whenever possible, but please note that the availability of alternative flights is very limited at the moment. These flight solutions can be changed again if desired or you can also ask for a refund of your ticket free of charge.

2. If no re-booking solution is possible, Luxair will automatically cancel the flight, refund your flight tickets  and contact you accordingly in due time before your flight

However, you are recommended to check the status of your reservation and your flight on www.luxair.lu, as well as travel and entry restrictions of your final or transit destination before the start of your journey.  


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