Luggage problem at Brussels Airport: all baggage left behind was sent to TUI vacationers

© Ivan Coninx

The breakdown of the luggage registration system at Brussels Airport last Saturday has created, in a few hours, a chaotic situation. Thousands of pieces of luggage could not be loaded and remained stranded at the airport.

As a result of this problem, the airline TUI fly Belgium immediately called 15 additional people to reinforce its ground crews. They found the luggage belonging to TUI holidaymakers and took them to the planes. However, despite the efforts of TUI fly staff, 320 suitcases remained stuck at the departure airport.

Now, TUI holidaymakers can be relieved: all suitcases have left Brussels and 98% of them have arrived at their destination. The remaining 2% of baggage was shipped via an intermediate flight and will arrive later in the day.

By clicking the link hereunder, you will see a video of TUI ground staff at work to ship the missing baggage.

André Orban: @ M. Sc. Engineering

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