SWISS to hire more staff to minimise flight delays


Swiss International Air Lines is planning to hire 1,000 cabin crew members and 70 pilots this year to address disruptions in their schedules.

The airline expects a 20% increase in passengers but is facing various challenges, including air traffic control bottlenecks, adverse weather conditions, personnel and infrastructure issues, and industrial action.

Swissport, the company responsible for ground handling and hospitality at airports, is also ramping up hiring efforts to accommodate the expected passenger growth, aiming to employ 1,200 new staff members, with 600 of them based in Zurich.

SWISS aims to achieve a departure delay of no more than 15 minutes for at least 80% of its flights, although so far this year, only 65% of flights have met this goal. Strikes in Germany, Italy, and Geneva airport have contributed to 21% of flights departing more than 30 minutes late in May and June. The airline is facing an unprecedented level of industrial action, according to SWISS Head of Operations Oliver Buchhofer.


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