SWISS carries 3.2% more passengers in April


SWISS traffic figures April 2019
Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS)1 transported 1,645,743 passengers in April, 3.2% more than it had carried in the same month last year. A total of 12,957 flights were operated, up 5.2% on the prior-year period.

Systemwide passenger capacity for the month was raised 0.5% from its April 2018 level in available seat-kilometre (ASK) terms. Total traffic volume, in revenue passenger-kilometres (RPK), was up 0.2%. Systemwide seat load factor for April 2019 amounted to 85.0%, a 0.2-percentage-point decline.

Please note: to offer a full overview of the traffic performance of the airlines of the Lufthansa Group, we report all these carriers’ traffic results. This overview (in which the results for SWISS include those of its sister carrier Edelweiss) is provided in the tables attached

  • Zurich Airport 13-MAY-2019

1 excluding Edelweiss


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