Repaired Swiss Boeing 777 heading back to Zurich


Live on! The Swiss Boeing 777 has received a new GE90 engine and is now flying back to Zurich airport as LX5177, HB-JND is expected to land at 08:20 am after a 5h50mins flight.

Last week the SWISS Boeing 777 made an unexpected stop at Iqaluit, Canada after an engine failure. To bring a new engine (GE90) to Iqaluit, an Antonov was chartered.

Courtesy NunatsiaqOnline

A tent was used to cope with the freezing temperatures (-30 degrees!!):

Twitter @bonzbrooks

Finally an engine run was necessary to test the newly placed GE90 engine: tweet video copyright @frankreardon1


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Fantastic work and great performance by the entire Swiss team!



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