SWISS pilot in Zurich: “Ich habe die Schnauze voll von diesem Drecksplatz.”

© Ivan Coninx

A nice morning at Zurich Airport. A SWISS aircraft is ready for departure and asks the tower for start-up clearance. The pilots, however, are not getting their clearance but instead they receive a terrible slot restriction. The pilot gave vent to his anger and emotionally replied to the tower: “Es ist heute wieder mal zum Kotzen hier in Zürich, ich habe die Schnauze voll von diesem Drecksplatz, Entschuldigung.” or in English: “It’s absolutely sickening here at Zurich Airport today, I am fed up with this damn place, I am sorry.“. The response by air traffic control was short: “Very professional!

The pilot then replied to the tower: “We are ready for 30 minutes, our slot has been moved permanently and we just can’t get away from our parking position. It’s also very professional.” The woman in the tower responded: “If you want to discuss, just call me. It’s better not to use the frequency.

SWISS spokeswoman Karin Müller responded to the event: “The annoyance of the pilot about the delay is understandable, and that he has expressed it, human. It shows that our pilot was interested in a punctual departure.

Punctuality is an issue throughout Europe

Nevertheless, the channel and the wording were not appropriate for his complaint,” said Müller. The incident will also be discussed again internally with the affected pilot. In general, the cooperation between Swiss pilots and air traffic controllers is very good – worldwide and especially in Zurich. “This is an isolated case.

Punctuality this summer is not only a problem for SWISS or Switzerland, but across Europe,” says Müller. This has to do with weather factors, strikes or lack of staff at the European air traffic control.

Source: 20 Minuten


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