French BEA calls for witnesses after parts of SWISS A220 engine fell in Eastern France


Call for witnesses dated Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Serious incident concerning Airbus A220-300 HB-JCM operated by SWISS on 25/07/2019 in cruise

During a Geneva-London flight LX348 in the cruising phase, the left Pratt & Whitney type PW1524 engine has suffered a mechanical failure during the overflight of the East of France. The engine was shut down by the crew and the flight was diverted to Paris – Charles de Gaulle airport.

In accordance with international rules, the BEA has delegated this investigation to its American counterpart, the NTSB, as representative of the engine design State.

On behalf of the NTSB, the BEA is issuing a call for witnesses regarding engine parts that fell in an unoccupied wooded area near the towns of Perrigny-sur-Armancon and Cry. The four points of the search area are at the following GPS coordinates:

47 ° 41’40 “N 4 ° 14’16” E / 47 ° 42’04 “N 4 ° 14’52” E / 47 ° 40’30 “N 4 ° 16’14” E / 47 ° 40’20 “N 4 ° 15’57” E

The desired parts are from the first stage of the engine’s low-pressure compressor and are made of titanium. They should not exceed a length of 30 cm.

First stage of low-pressure compressor

Examples of parts from the engine when dismounted

Examples of parts from the engine when dismounted

Anyone who may have found one of these pieces is invited to follow the protocol below:

  • Note the location of the room
  • Handle the piece with care, the metal can be very sharp
  • Send a photograph by mail to
  • Wait for the BEA to respond with the procedure to follow

Incident story in The Aviation Herald:


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