Edelweiss makes maiden flight from Zurich to Tanzania

On Friday 8 October at 22:30, Switzerland’s leisure airline Edelweiss has launched direct flights from Zurich to Kilimanjaro International Airport and Zanzibar in Tanzania. The plane arrived at Kilimanjaro Saturday at 07:40 with 270 passengers on board, with 160 passengers disembarking and 110 heading to Zanzibar.
The Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Dr Damas Ndumbaro, said the arrival of the airliner was due to the government’s efforts to ensure that they revive tourism, and it was also an indication that Tanzania is safe despite the Covid-19 pandemic which has ravaged economies.
Edelweiss is a sister company of Swiss International Airlines and a member of the Lufthansa Group. In August, Swiss Tanzania’s General Manager Mr André Bonjour told tour operators that the airline will also have a flight to Zanzibar, but only once a week.

Source: The Citizen (Kenya)


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