New Lufthansa livery might be changing in the future?


The Vice President of Marketing at Lufthansa can tell you about the new corporate design.

Lufthansa might be changing the new livery (a little) in the future? Because on an internal company communication (see below)

was also shared on a German travel message board suggests that the blue color is not presenting the way the company expected. It’s to dark.

Combined with other issues in the new branding this may see the Lufthansa Group revisit the decision and adjust the look.


Since our first two planes with the updated livery landed on many places of this world we noticed that for instance the blue plaint on the plane appears to be significantly darker than in the test environment – especially in adverse weather conditions. In this regard we will work on an optimization. Additionally we will also design a version which can combine the Lufthansa Group word mark with the crane logo. The combination of Lufthansa Group with the crane [logo] will then be used in clearly specified constellations [combinations].

For us this is part of a dynamic process. In the long run it is important that the new design works everywhere. Practical experience is better than any theory. Thus we will continue to collect hands-on feedback in all areas of application and readjust where required.



  1. This Vice President of Marketing at Lufthansa is full of BS, and there are so many people in the corporate world who do things purely for the sake of doing it. After watching him, painfully for 15 Min, I could not get my head around why the yellow color, primarily in the tailfin logo, does not function with the blue, and why the two colours are not working, and not sure why he even made an analogue of wearing a blue blazer, instead of a yellow blazer, would be consistent with whe premium brand.


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