Will there be a new Lufthansa livery in 2018?


A new livery for Lufthansa in 2018?

The current livery of Lufthansa aircraft was introduced in 1988. Since October 2017, it is rumoured that Lufthansa will introduce a new livery in 2018.

Example of the current livery © Ivan Coninx

In the second week of February 2018, the new livery will be presented to the press. According to website SkyLiner, a Lufthansa Boeing 747-830 registered D-ABYA was ferried to Rome Fiumicino on 12 January. One of the newest jumbo aircraft will thus be painted into the new colour scheme.

In Lufthansa circles it is said that it will not be a dramatic redesign, but rather a refresher of the current design.

Update: on Sunday 21 January 2018, Lufthansa’s newest Airbus A350 rolled out of the final assembly line at Toulouse airport. The tail-fin, however, was wrapped in plastic. Fabrice Windus started photoshopping and thinks this will be the new livery:


Update: on 1 February 2018 Lufthansa communicated the following pictures. The new livery appears on a Boeing 747-8.


Update: on 2 February 2018 Lufthansa communicated the following pictures on their Facebook page:






Pictures posted on Twitter by journalist Andreas Spaeth shows Lufthansa group chief executive Carsten Spohr displaying the livery on a tablet computer.
Lufthansa executives are in Cape Town for a conference on African aviation.

Some other designs that didn’t make it were found on the forum wings900.com where user Charter released some ideas.

Tip: in our comments (scroll down to read) you can find some more possible liveries!





  1. I doubt they’ll much. Probably remove the grey from the belly. Means less paint. Which means less time spent on repaints with less paint being used. Lufhansa are too conservative and stuffy to do anything else.

  2. I hope you are right Arp design, I have a huge collection of Lufthansa models 1:200 scale :-). Some of these designs were also already on ” cardatabase.net modified airlines designs” but is seems to be off line.

  3. Dull. Lufthansa was, is and should be in future yellow (gold ?) and blue. The tail coverage is trendy, but the white (silver ?) circle and crane HAVE TO BE YELLOW (gold ?).
    Might as well print all promo brochures in black and white…


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