Update: “Vereinigung cockpit” has asked the Lufthansa pilots to continue the strike tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday


Update on Wednesday 23.11.2016: The Vereinigung cockpit (VC) has asked all the Lufthansa pilots flying medium-haul and short-haul to strike till Friday inclusive. (source VC)

The Vereinigung cockpit (VC) has called the Lufthansa pilots to continue the strike on Thursday, 24.11.2016 (from 00:01-23:59).  After almost 900 flights were cancelled by Lufthansa on Wednesday, all the long-haul and short-haul flights which leave Germany are again affected.

On Tuesday, both the Arbeitsgericht Frankfurt and the Hessische Landesarbeitsgericht declared the strike of the VC admissible.

After more than five and a half years, the VC requires an average annual adjustment of the salaries by 3.66% without a compensation increase. “Even during today’s court proceedings, the employers’ representatives have not been able to provide improved offers. Lufthansa is therefore responsible for the fact that the VC will carry out further strike measures, “said Jörg Handwerg, a member of the VC Executive Board.

The VC regrets the impact on the passengers, cabin crew and ground staff concerned. Passengers may contact Lufthansa directly with regard to their planned flights.

Translation from http://www.vcockpit.de/presse/pressemitteilungen/detailansicht/news/vereinigung-cockpit-kuendigt-fuer-donnerstag-fortsetzung-des-streiks-bei-lufthansa-an.html

Note from the editor: this is the 14th Lufthansa pilots’ strike since March 2014 !!!

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Lufthansa 747-8I Take off Images K65636-05
Lufthansa 747-8I Take off Images


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