A unique experience: in November Lufthansa flies Frankfurt-Berlin with the Jumbo Jet

  • Exceptionally high demand for tickets
  • More than 60 domestic flights planned for November
  • The first official flight: LH168 on 1 November 2017
Lufthansa Boeing 747-400

Do you want to fly once inside the Jumbo? Normally those flights are possible only on long-distance routes, but in November they will be offered also on a one-hour “Hüpfer” between Frankfurt and Berlin. This is because Lufthansa will selectively use a Boeing 747-400 instead of the usual Airbus A320 family.

An exceptionally high demand for bookings for flights between Frankfurt and Berlin as well as operational reasons have caused Lufthansa to take this measure. The Boeing 747-400 will be used on peak traffic hours of the day. Thus the Jumbo will be a guest in Tegel more than 60 times. It is the first time since 2014 that the airline flies to Berlin with a large-capacity aircraft. The reason for this in 2014 was the return of the German national soccer team from Brazil, which was flown as a football world champion by Lufthansa in the “Siegerflieger” Jumbo to Berlin.

Spotter alert: The first official flight of the Boeing 747-400 from Frankfurt to Berlin takes place on 1 November 2017. It takes off as LH168 in Frankfurt at 16:15 clock and lands at 17:25 in Tegel. The last flight of a Boeing 747-400 is planned for November 30, when LH197 departs from Tegel to Frankfurt at 16:45.

The cabin equipment is the same as for every Lufthansa long-haul flight. A total of 67 Business Class and 304 Premium Economy and Economy Class seats are available and can be booked with immediate effect. For flight enthusiasts certainly a special experience. The service is what Lufthansa offers otherwise in the respective booking class for domestic flights.



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