Second special Lufthansa MD11 flight to transfer the victims of 4U9525 to Spain


Lufthansa MD11 is landing at 21:00 on 15 June in Barcelona – Transfer of the coffins to the dependants planned for 16 June.

Following the transfer on Tuesday this week of the first victims of 4U9525 by a Lufthansa special flight to Düsseldorf, the date of the second special flight has now also been decided. A MD11 will take off on 15 June from Marseilles. The MD11 is expected to land in Barcelona at 21:00.

On board will foreseeably be more than 30 coffins with mainly Spanish victims from 4U9525. They shall be transferred to the dependants on 16 June.

The repatriation of the victims to their home countries shall be continued over the coming weeks and is expected to be completed at the end of June.

Lufthansa is in close contact with the relatives to ensure that the transfer of the victims is carried out according to the relatives’ wishes.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Media Relations Lufthansa Group, 10.06.15


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