Lufthansa confirms new European destinations from Frankfurt and Munich for summer 2018



  • Santorini, Menorca, Glasgow and Chișinău all new from Frankfurt
  • Funchal on Madeira now also from Munich 
  • Available for booking with immediate effect for your next summer vacation

The Lufthansa tourist flight program for the coming summer season 2018 is now taking bookings, with the new program for Europe extended to include five attractive new summer destinations. Beach holidays, discovery travel or city trips – Lufthansa will be flying its holiday passengers with the service of a scheduled airline to their holiday destinations in “nicest weeks” of the year.

New destinations from Frankfurt:
From March 31, 2018, there will for the first time be flights from Frankfurt to Thira/Santorini (Greece), departing every Saturday. Thira, the capital of the island of Santorini, is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. The view from the city of Thira, which was built on the edge of a volcano crater, is particularly breathtaking. For many globetrotters, this is perhaps the most beautiful view in the world.

Menorca (Spain) is considered the “quiet lovely” in comparison with its rather vibrant Balearic sister islands. This attracts many visitors to the island who appreciate the idyllic bays, wonderful beaches, romantic old towns and mysterious relics from ancient times. Menorca has lots to offer nature lovers in particular. From April 28, 2018, Lufthansa will for the first time be including Menorca in its flight program, with flights leaving from Frankfurt every Saturday.

From March 26, 2018, Lufthansa will for the first time be offering daily flights from Frankfurt to Glasgow (Scotland) all year round. With approx. 600,000 inhabitants, Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the third-largest city in the UK after London and Birmingham. With its youthful culture, it not only attracts many art lovers but also travellers who enjoy spending their vacation on discovery tours. Glasgow is the ideal starting point to explore Scotland.

The summer program of destinations from Frankfurt is provisionally rounded off with Chișinău, the capital of Moldova, which will now be linked to Frankfurt all year round. With more than 700,000 inhabitants, it is also the most highly-populated city in the country. It is a major business location, a university city and a cultural centre. Lufthansa will for the first time be flying daily to this metropolis from March 25, 2018, a fact which will be of interest to business travelers as well as for tourists.

New destination from Munich:
Madeira – also known as the Flower Island or the Island of Eternal Spring – will be only around 4 hours away non-stop from Munich as of March 31, 2018, thereby complementing the flight program from Frankfurt. From spring onwards, Lufthansa flights will be departing from the Bavarian metropolis every Saturday to head for Funchal (Madeira). Due to its all-year-round mild climate, this island—which belongs to Portugal—is an inviting destination for visitors who enjoy hiking. Madeira’s numerous protected areas are a real wonder for nature lovers.

The new connections at a glance

Frankfurt (FRA) – Thira/Santorini (JTR)

  • Once a week (Saturdays from March 31, 2018)
  • LH1288: FRA 13:25 – 17:25 JTR
  • LH1289: JTR 18:20 – 20:30 FRA
  • Price: from EUR 159 incl. taxes and fees
  • Distance: 2,035 km (1,099 nautical miles)
  • Airbus A320

Frankfurt (FRA) – Menorca (MAH)

  • Once a week (Saturdays from April 28, 2018)
  • LH1482: FRA 15:00 – 17:05 MAH
  • LH1483: MAH 18:05 – 20:10 FRA
  • Price: from EUR 149 incl. taxes and fees
  • Distance: 1,181 km (638 nautical miles)
  • Airbus A319

Frankfurt (FRA) – Glasgow (GLA)

  • Once daily (from March 26, 2018, all year round)
  • LH960: FRA 14:00 – 15:00 GLA
  • LH961: GLA 16:05 – 19:00 FRA
  • Price: from EUR 149 incl. taxes and fees
  • Distance: 1,086 km (587 nautical miles)
  • Airbus A320

Frankfurt (FRA) – Chișinău (KIV)

  • Once daily (from March 25, 2018, all year round)
  • LH1474: FRA 09:50 – 13:20 KIV
  • LH1475: KIV 14:30 – 16:10 FRA
  • Price: from EUR 159 incl. taxes and fees
  • Distance: 1,539 km (831 nautical miles)
  • Airbus A319

Munich (MUC) – Funchal (FNC)

  • Once a week (Saturdays from March 31, 2018)
  • LH2654: MUC 08:40 – 12:00 FNC
  • LH2655: FNC 12:55 – 17:55 MUC
  • Price: from EUR 179 incl. taxes and fees
  • Distance: 2,952 km (1,594 nautical miles)
  • Airbus A321


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