Lufthansa and Rimowa awarded innovation prize for “Best Baggage Initiative”


Electronic “luggage tag” enhances the smooth travel experience

At the airline industry conference “FTE – Future Travel Experience” held in Las Vegas, Lufthansa and Rimowa were yesterday jointly awarded the prize for “Best Baggage Initiative” for the new “Rimowa Electronic Tag”. The annual awards ceremony serves to recognize companies for their forward-thinking ideas and initiatives that create a more comfortable travel experience for flight passengers. A panel of industry experts honors the most innovative, ambitious, and successful initiatives and organizations.

The “Rimowa Electronic Tag” is the first digital and fully integrated mobile solution for luggage and makes flying with luggage more comfortable, quicker and safer. While standard practice in the airline industry today still involves affixing a paper luggage tag to bags by hand, Lufthansa passengers will soon be able to check in their luggage from home or on the go with the Lufthansa App by using the “Rimowa Electronic Tag”. With one click, they will be able to transfer the data from their electronic boarding pass from their smartphone to their item of luggage equipped with the “Rimowa Electronic Tag” via Bluetooth. The luggage data will be shown immediately on the data module integrated into the suitcase. A suitcase checked in in this way only needs to be placed on the belt at the Lufthansa Baggage Drop Off counter. Lufthansa will be the first airline to provide this service for its passengers.

The luggage data indicated on the electronic data module is the same size and shape as today’s paper tags. The important information is protected against humidity, heat, low temperatures, impact, and concussion, and cannot be torn off.

The product launch of the “Rimowa Electronic Tag” is expected for early next year, after completion and evaluation of the recently implemented test phase.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Media Relations Lufthansa Group, 11.09.15


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