Konnichiwa Tokyo! Lufthansa introduces the Airbus A350-900 from Munich to the Japanese capital

  • The inaugural flight from Munich to Tokyo was operated on 1 December
  • German Design Prize for Economy Class
  • Lufthansa’s 6th Airbus A350-900 began scheduled flights from Munich

On 1st December, Lufthansa began flying the A350-900 from Munich to Tokyo.

Our customers can now enjoy flying to Japan in the world’s most cutting-edge long-haul aircraft. Not only is the A350-900 the world’s best-performing and most fuel-efficient aircraft, it also offers a particularly pleasant cabin environment. This is why the A350 was just recently honoured with the German Design Prize”, says Wilken Bormann, CEO of the Munich Hub.

Lufthansa received the prize for the A350’s Economy Class, winning the “German Design Award 2018” in the category “Excellent Product Design”. The jury found that a unique travel environment had been created. The A350-900’s Economy Class is furnished in various shades of blue and offers the customer additional comfort.  The seats have new ergonomically-formed upholstery and more space for storing personal items. The A350 Economy Class was conceived by the design bureau PearsonLloyd.

Just in time for the A350 launch in Tokyo, the newest member of the A350 fleet was deployed – the Airbus A350-900, registration D-AIXF, started scheduled flights earlier this week. This brings the number of A350-900 aircraft stationed at the Munich hub up to six.

As well as Tokyo, they fly to Beijing, Hong Kong, Boston, Delhi and Mumbai. The A350-900 has space for 293 passengers –  48 in Business Class, 21 in Premium Economy and 224 in Economy.

The aircraft is the world’s most modern and environmentally-friendly long-haul design. It uses 25 percent less kerosene, produces 25 percent fewer emissions and is significantly quieter than other comparable aircraft models at take-off. In total, Lufthansa has ordered 25 of these state-of-the-art jets.

  • 01-DEC-2017


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