Historical Lockheed Constellation SuperStar and Junkers Ju-52 aircraft remain property of Lufthansa, will be stored in Bremen

  • Both historical aircraft will be stored together in Bremen until further notice
  • The transports start on 08.09.2019 in Auburn, Maine, for the SuperStar and on 17.09.2019 in Hamburg for the Ju-52

The Junkers Ju-52 with the registration number D-AQUI took off for its last flight in August 2018. After evaluating various scenarios for the whereabouts of the aircraft, such as the temporary storage in a museum, the board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG has decided that it will be temporarily stored in Germany in order to have it available for a later exhibition.

The same goes for the Lockheed L1649A SuperStar, which was restored in the United States.

Both aircraft remain the property of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. The decision shows that the company attaches great importance to the historical value of the two aircraft.

The Constellation SuperStar has already been prepared for transport in Auburn, Maine, USA. On 08.09.2019, the fuselage, the two wings and the tail will be transported as major components on different vehicles into the port of Portland, Maine. There, the aircraft will be loaded onto a ship together with the packed engines, chassis and various other components in over 200 corresponding transport containers. On 18.09.2019 the ship will depart and is expected to reach the port of Bremen on 05.10.2019. The aircraft and all components will be stored there carefully and safely in a modern warehouse.

Already on 17.09.2019, according to the current state of planning, the Ju-52 will be transferred by land from Lufthansa Basis Hamburg to the same warehouse area in Bremen and also stored properly. This transport is carried out at night with three low lorries – because of the expected excess width.

Lufthansa Lockheed L1649A Starliner D-ALAN taking off from Manchester to New York Idlewild in 1961 © RuthAS on Wikimedia

6-SEP-2019 Media release


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