The first Lufthansa Airbus A350-900 is in Toulouse


Assembly at the Airbus factory/Flagship will be stationed in Munich in the winter


The Lufthansa A350-900 leaves the Airbus production floor in Toulouse for the first time. The wing panels and landing gear are already installed on the fuselage. The Lufthansa paintwork is clearly visible on the tail unit. This is the first Lufthansa A350-900 to bear the crane logo on its tail. Even though the blue-white paintwork is completely missing from the aircraft, it still looks like the future Munich flagship. Further final assembly stages include the mounting of the engines and the fitting of the cabin interior.

Lufthansa’s first A350-900 bears the Airbus manufacturing number MSN074 and will fly with the international identification D-AIXA. The A350-900 is regarded as the world’s most modern and eco-friendly long-haul passenger aircraft. It consumes 25 percent less fuel and produces an up to 50 percent smaller ‘noise footprint’ than comparable aircraft types.

Lufthansa will station the first ten A350-900 aircraft in Munich from the coming winter. The aircraft will offer seats for 293 passengers: 48 seats in Business Class, 21 in Premium Economy and 224 in Economy Class.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Media Relations Southern Germany, 28.06.16