Emergency landing of a Lufthansa CRJ-900 from Brussels to Frankfurt


Flight LH1007 of German airline Lufthansa which connected Brussels to Frankfurt had to make a priority landing in Frankfurt Sunday because of a slight release of smoke in the cockpit of the aircraft. The 73 passengers were able to leave the aircraft safely, said a spokesman for the company.

The pilots of the Lufthansa Cityline Bombardier CRJ-900 aircraft (reg. D-ACNF) noticed a slight release of smoke after leaving Brussels. They warned the airport of Frankfurt, located just an hour flight from Brussels and the plane was able to land safely on runway 07C. Emergency services were on a precautionary standby and did not detect any trace of fire, heat or smoke after landing.

The origin of the smoke has not yet been determined and the aircraft is still under inspection by the technical services.


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