23-year old Belgian hacker hacks into airline booking engines and travels around the world for free

For years, a 23-year old hacker from Mechelen, Belgium has circumvented the security systems of many airlines. “Largely for the thrill of it but also for free travel around the world.”

American Airlines, Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines got hacked, possibly more airlines could have been affected. By hacking the websites, the gentleman could get hold of dozens of airline tickets without having to pay. “Part of the tickets have been used, but not all of them, I was simply getting hold of them for the kick of it!“, he told.

Brussels Airlines discovered the fraud and filed a criminal complaint with the police. The Mechelen prosecutors have confirmed the arrest of a 23-year-old. He is suspected of hacking private companies and IT fraud. The suspect appears in court on Friday.

His lawyer did not want to give a statement.


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