Lufthansa Group selects Geven for new A320 seat to equip all airlines of the Group



With the start of the planned Airbus A320 Family aircraft deliveries in 2019, Lufthansa Group customers will be offered new Geven seats on short- and medium-haul routes.

The new, ergonomic pressure distribution and fully-structured seat upholstery will allow customers to have an ever more comfortable feeling on board.

The innovative literature pocket has been horizontally designed, leaving a slimmer backrest, which will allow guests to enjoy more personal freedom. Additionally, travel will become more comfortable not only during the flight but also while the aircraft is taxiing, during take-off and landing. Previously, guests were seated at a 12-degree inclination during the three phases previously mentioned, whereas now they will be able to rest comfortably with their backrest angled at 20 degrees for the entirety of the flight.

Business Class guests can also set the backrest to 26 degrees during cruising altitude. Paul Estoppey, Head of Product Cabin Lufthansa Group Hub Airlines said, “A lot of customer feedback went into designing the seat and we are pleased to have already received a lot of positive feedback on the implemented features over the course of the project.

For the first time, the network airlines of Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Airlines are jointly introducing standardized seats for a harmonized, comfortable travel experience. In addition to the advantages for customers, the focus of development also aimed to reduce weight and maintenance costs. After several preliminary talks, customer tests and quality audits, the Italian manufacturer Geven secured the contract for the production of the seats.

The new Geven seat will be offered across Lufthansa Group member airlines. Image: Lufthansa Group

Geven has an excellent reputation in the industry, which we can fully confirm,” Estoppey emphasized. “The cooperation has been excellent from day one and we, as the Lufthansa Group, have always benefited from Geven’s great expertise and creative support for the further development of the seat.”

Lufthansa Group Airlines standardise A320 fleet

Moving forward, the Airbus A320 of the Lufthansa Group will be configured and standardised in such a way that the aircraft could easily be converted and transferred between the airlines of the Lufthansa Group within a short timeframe. This will enable the Lufthansa Group to quickly react and adapt to current developments while easily and efficiently move around aircraft and capacity between the Group’s airlines and hubs. Costs for conversion and downtime can also be significantly reduced. Furthermore, the standardisation will result in increased synergies in the procurement of aircraft and components. The airline brands are protected by a different brand image.


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