German union UFO, representing Germanwings cabin crew, has called for a three-day strike starting next Monday


German union UFO, representing cabin crew working for Germanwings, has called for a three-day strike and this from next Monday 30 December until Wednesday 1 January. The German low-cost airline is operating under the Eurowings brand and is wholly owned by the Lufthansa Group.

Eurowings said that the strike is unfounded and incomprehensible, Eurowings wants to minimise the impact of the strike on its passengers and is preparing a special flight schedule for the strike period, which will be published on Saturday afternoon.

Eurowings condemns UFO strike call – reasons for strike are a pretext

Eurowings finds the current call for a three-day strike by UFO incomprehensible. The organisation has called on the cabin employees of Germanwings flight operations to go on strike from midnight on 30 December 2019 to midnight on Wednesday, 1 January 2020.

UFO intends to strike against the collective part-time agreement at Germanwings even though Germanwings has already been using the models for part-time allocation – which were jointly developed in arbitration – for a year now.

Germanwings is in continuous constructive exchange with UFO on various other collective-bargaining issues that affect the flight operations of Germanwings. Additional dates to continue the talks have already been scheduled for 16 and 17 January 2020. Germanwings most recently offered UFO a moderation of all pending collective bargaining topics on Monday, 23 December 2019. Unfortunately, UFO rejected this offer.

Against this backdrop, the strikes against Germanwings recently announced by UFO are in no way comprehensible.

The fact that UFO is calling for a strike again despite the ongoing negotiations shows how it is ruthlessly carrying out its power politics on the backs of customers and employees. A strike at this time is misguided and disproportionate and based on reasons that are only a pretext.

Eurowings wants to keep the impact of the strike on its passengers as minimal as possible and is working on a special flight schedule for the strike period. It should be taken into account that only 30 of the approximately 140 Eurowings aircraft are flying as part of  Germanwings flight operations.

It should be noted that only 30 of the approximately 140 Eurowings aircraft are operated by Germanwings.

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