Severe turbulence injures eight passengers on Eurowings flight


On 9 September, a Eurowings Airbus A319 (D-AKNL) operated flight EW8855 between Lamezia Terme, Italy and Berlin Tegel, Germany. During descent into the German city, the aircraft encountered severe turbulence.

Upon arrival, emergency services rushed to the aircraft. First, thirteen passengers were diagnosed with injuries. But after examination of a doctor, eight passengers of which two crew members, were hospitalized to receive the necessary treatments. One female passenger sustained serious but non life-threatening injuries. The other injured passengers suffered from head wounds, finger fractures, lacerations and cervical injuries. The other passengers were brought to the terminal.

About twenty minutes before landing, the pilots saw dense clouds and put on the seat belt sign. An announcement was made in German and English informing the passengers about the turbulence. Apparently not everyone listened to the instructions as a number of passengers did not yet have their seat belts on during the severe turbulence (*).

(*) it is recommended to fasten your seat belt during the entire flight while seated.



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