Huge interest in Eurowings jobs

  • First cabin crew recruitment processes in Düsseldorf and Munich are a complete success: More than 100 cabin crew hired on the spot
  • Pilots and cabin crew from Air Berlin also hired at Eurowings
  • Airline has currently advertised more than 1,000 jobs for pilots, cabin crew and ground staff
  • More than 2,500 applications so far, almost half from pilots/COO Michael Knitter, “The interest in our jobs is huge.”

Cabin crew recruitment by Eurowings in Düsseldorf and Munich at the beginning of October has been a complete success. Michael Knitter, Eurowings CEO and Chief Commercial Officer (COO) of the airline, said, “We gave almost 130 cabin crew a guarantee of employment on the spot, including former cabin crew of Air Berlin. This is clear proof for us that we’re offering very attractive jobs on board and on the ground.” Last week Eurowings hired new cockpit staff, including Air Berlin pilots.

A few weeks ago, Eurowings advertised more than 1,000 jobs for pilots, cabin crew and ground staff. In the meantime, more than 2,500 applicants have responded to these advertisements at Eurowings, almost half of them pilots. Knitter said, “The interest in our jobs is huge. The applicants come from all over the world.”

Eurowings is offering all applicants German employment contracts with fair, competitive salaries and ancillary benefits such as holiday pay, sick pay, attractive conditions for staff travel on short and long-haul routes and much more besides. Applicants’ relevant previous experience will be taken into account in any case. Knitter said, “In addition to this, all applicants will have good career prospects at Europe’s fastest growing airline.”

There is a shortened selection process for crews of Air Berlin, “for good reasons” according to Knitter. “Active Air Berlin crews are regarded as qualified applicants for jobs in flight operations of the Eurowings Group. This is due to the high level of safety and acknowledged the good quality of basic and advanced training for cockpit and cabin crew that exists at Air Berlin.” Knitter also stressed, “Applicants from other airlines are equally welcome to apply to us.

Cologne/Bonn, 06.10.2017


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