Explosive growth of Eurowings in 2017


Eurowings, the low-cost unit of the Lufthansa Group, is one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe, with the full backing of its parent, of course. But Eurowings does not publish its monthly and yearly figures separately. These are aggregated into a heading called “Point-to-Point Airlines” that includes Eurowings (together with Germanwings) and Brussels Airlines.

Although it is surprising that the latter is considered as a point-to-point airline rather than a network airline (like Lufthansa itself and its subsidiaries SWISS International Airlines and Austrian Airlines) for which the separate figures do exist, this makes it nevertheless possible to calculate the Eurowings monthly and yearly figures.

Aviation24.be did the exercise for the year 2017, by comparing the aggregate figures given in the Lufthansa press release for the point-to-point airlines (Eurowings and Brussels Airlines) and the Brussels Airlines figures given by the airline in its own press release, and by subtracting the latter from the former.

The calculation was made for the number of passengers and for the number of flights (there is an inconsistency for the ASK).

The result?

In 2017, Eurowings transported 23,536,000 passengers (+120%) on 196,262 flights (+108,6%).

That is indeed an explosive growth. It is expected that 2018 will also see a large expansion with the takeover of Air Berlin flights and perhaps other acquisitions.

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